The IBC Program

IBC er en forkortelse for Internasjonale brorskaps-/vennskaps-klubber.

What does it mean to be a brother club ?

To be a brother club in Y’s Men means you are a real friend to another club in the world.

It is impossible to have near contact and friendship with everybody in Y’s Men, but you can have contact with at least one other club.

Therefore our aim in Europe is that every club in our Area shall have a friendship club. If you do not have, start seeking for it immediately.

To create IBC-relations is the glue in our movement.

It is one of the most important programs, because we through this contact can share brotherhood and our christian values, we can get knowledge of a quite different culture and their language, traditions, family life and club life and activities, exchanging publications,newspapers, seasons greetings,  – and in such a way develop better understanding for other people.

Through this program we in fact establish an understanding for creating peace among people . You do not hurt your good friend 🙂

You can choose to have one club or more as your IBC-relation. Some have for instance four, and you can have them from different countries all over of the world.

You are also able tor create Triangles or Quadrangles, it is your choice.

If you do not have any at the moment, I recommend you to start with one in the beginning and widen it step by step.

Start to bring forward a wish from your club. If your Region has a RSD/IBC (regional service director for IBC in your region ), you contact her/him for help. Find out what kind of club you want, and the RSD/IBC will help you to find a club for you. State clearly the reasons and in which Area or Region you want to have a brotherclub. Then you send an application. You can apply at any time during the year.

Next we contact the club you want and ask if they are interesting in making a brother club with you.

If they accept, we start the formal process and make the documents ready for signing.Both clubs have to sign the brother club certificate. Then send it to ASD/IBC to formalize the connection, which in the end are signed by the ISD/IBC and it will be registered in YMI at the International Headquarter (IHQ).

If you do not have any RSD/IBC in your region, you can contact ASD/IBC in Europe directly (area service director in Europe). These people are there just to help you 🙂

When you have got a new brother club , you start to be known with your new friends.

If they are not so far away, it is possible to visit each other physically , but you can also have contact through letters, internett contact, fotos, foto albums, videos, social media, Skype and Facebook . Today you have very many possibilities to get in contact with your friends.

You can seek for information at the website  Go to the frontpage an seek for the menu. Under this headline you find programs and also information about the IBC-program.

Do not hesitate, do not be alone, –  start today and ask your friends for help 🙂

Kråkerøy/Norway 17.10.2017
Marit Torp, ASD/IBC Europe 2017-2019
+47 995 88 213